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369 Ginseng Steaming and Drying Machine

It is an automatic equipment for steaming, aging, and drying ginseng.
In the conventional method, ginseng is steamed in an iron pot and dried repeatedly.

For mass production, ginseng is carried by a trolley for the washing, steaming, drying, and packing processes.


The method of using a trolley makes it difficult to steam, age, and dry ginseng more than once.


To remedy these shortcomings, a new system that allowed us to steam and dry ginseng only by turning on and off a temperature/humidity switch has been introduced recently. However, it could not steam and dry ginseng while saving its unique ingredients.


However, our 369 Ginseng’s steaming and drying machine enables us to steam, age, and dry ginseng in a 900-step process through an automated control.


Therefore, the active ingredient of ginseng (saponin) is captured inside while it is steamed and dried, thus maximizing the efficacy.


Moreover, even rootlets are steamed and matured, thus allowing you to also take a large amount of saponins from them.


This automated system makes it possible to produce products in a variety of modes including the three, six, and nine times of steaming and drying processes.
It has also been patented in Korea, China, and Japan.

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