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What is saponin and ginsenoside?

Ginsenoside is a term for saponin in ginseng.
Saponin is a kind of chemical compound called glycoside.
It is derived from the sapon of the Greek word for soap, which is a name given to making fine bubbles like soap in aqueous solution.

The roots, stems, leaves, husks, and seeds of plants are formerly known as non-nutrients
Recently, anticancer, antioxidant, and cholesterol lowering effects have been found, and they are becoming popular as physiologically active substances.

Saponin is the main pharmacological agent among various active ingredients of ginseng.
Saponin of ginseng has a unique chemical structure different from saponin found in other plants
The pharmacological efficacy is also unique and is called 'Ginsenoside' in the sense of Ginseng Glycoside.

(Source: Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia)

I do not know where ginseng is most effective. When ill? pre…

3 principles of health: warm, emit, replenish

First, let's look at the three principles for maintaining health.
In the world, health information is full of books, magazines, the Internet, and television on the background of health-oriented.

When we divide our health principles into broad categories,
① warm up.
② discharge (release of toxin)
③ Supplement (supplement)
Are the core of health law.

In other words, if the above three things are normal, your health is being kept.

Warm up: improve metabolism and immunity
Bring out: Blood purification, improve the constitution to prevent aging
Supplement: Physical and mental fatigue by stress, reinforcement of general interior (nursing)

When you see a doctor at the hospital, "Do not let your body get cold by wearing thin clothes" (ie warm your body)
"Have you seen the stool?" (Ie, the discharge is good)
"Eat well-digested food" (ie supplement your nutrition)
The above expression is an accurate representation according to the three principles of health.

Ginseng is the most suitable for this three principles of health.

The "warming" effect of Korean ginseng measures the blood flow of capillaries,
When we measure by thermometer, we can clearly see that body temperature has risen.

The effect of "excretion" can be seen in many of the constipation is improved and the body condition improves.

The "supplement" effect is a fatigue recovery effect. By drinking Korean ginseng,
There have been many reports of liberating from stress and turning into positive and positive thinking.

It is more effective if I steam and dry the ginseng for a lo…

Why is it steaming precious ginseng?

The reason why ginseng is processed by steaming and drying is not only easy for long-term storage

Through this process, harmful components permeated into ginseng are removed,

This is because the saponin content of the active ingredient is increased.



I think that ginseng is vaguely as a healthy food, but how d…

Oriental effect (ginseng)
View Kuttal: Seeing the joy and controlling the crippling.
Blood vessels: Blood and blood.
Conscience Anxin: relaxes the mind and stabilizes the mind.
Jinsale: Refill the essence and relieve thirst
Obstructive juncheon: to see lung function and stop coughing.
Healthy Branch: Strong stomach and stop diarrhea.
Vocal Chorus: Removes the body's poison and removes the boil.
Modern medicinal effect
Improved Cancer Suppression
Relieve fatigue
Strong body
Extend the life of cells Prevent aging
Prevention of anemia
Relieve mental stress
Improve pollution disease
Improvement of rum & cheese
Prevention of hypotension
Blood circulation improvement
Air-conditioner improvement
Atherosclerosis prevention (prevention of hypertension)
Prevention of hyperlipidemia
Improve blood clot
Improving false positives
Nervous breakdown prevention
Improved Diabetes Prevention
Stop coughing Remove sputum
Prevention of gastric ulcer
Improved liver disease
Preventing adult diseases (lifestyle-related diseases)
Prevent side effects of drugs
Beauty food underwear
Immune strengthening
Removal of active oxygen

Saponin (ginsenoside) efficacy
Rg1- Improvement of learning function, anti-fatigue effect - Enhancement of memory and effect on dementia
Rb1- central nervous system depression, liver function protection - liver function improvement and fatigue recovery participation
Rg3-anti-dementia, hypotension, inhibition of cancer cell metastasis, inhibition of anticancer drug resistance

Rh2-cancer cell proliferation inhibition, abscess proliferation inhibition, skin immunity effect
Re - Diabetic efficacy, liver protective action, promotion of bone marrow cell synthesis
Rf - cranial nerve cell analgesia, lipid peroxidation inhibition
Rg2-inhibition of platelet aggregation and memory decay
Rh1-liver protection, antitumor action, platelet aggregation inhibition
Rc - analgesic action, promoting protein and lipid synthesis
Rd - Enhancement of adrenocortical hormone secretion
Rb2-antidiabetics, atherosclerosis, hepatocyte proliferation

Ro - Alcohol detoxification, anti-hepatitis efficacy, anti-inflammatory effect

What is the meaning of the solid content of ginseng products…

Solids are the remainder minus moisture in products containing water.
One example is importing the rest of California 's orange minus moisture (powder), and then making orange juice in Korea by adding water.
At this time, if you put water as much as water, it becomes 100% orange juice, and when you put double water, it becomes 50% orange juice.

Solids in red ginseng have similar meanings.
The red ginseng is put in water and the effective ingredient of red ginseng comes out,
The remaining red ginseng residue is called red ginseng and it is 25 ~ 35% of red ginseng weight.
This is mostly discarded, but it is also used for feed.

The water is evaporated from the extract and the residue is called the solid.
Since it is too small to handle solids directly (several millimeters) and it is difficult to handle,
It is the red seaweed which is thickened by evaporation of the water in the extract,
It is the extract liquid which is contained in the ordinary pouch as the extract liquid.

If so, how many times is the ratio of red ginseng to water at the time of extraction?
Vendors vary.
So, we evaporate the water from the extract and record the remaining solid content.
The actual amount of red ginseng can be inverted.

It is like a few% orange juice with several times of water to light solid quantity.
However, in order to increase the solid content, red ginseng is crushed into nanoparticles.
Then, red ginseng powder is dissolved in the extract and the solid content is increased.
It is to change the residue (25 ~ 35% of the weight of red ginseng) to be discarded with red ginseng.
(Unlike the intention to increase extraction efficiency?).

369 In the hemp, the remnant residue of the legs is discarded.

I can continue to eat ginseng, but I do not know how many g …

The public in a day
The concentrate contained 3 g
Extract is 90ml 1 ~ 2 capsule.

In the case of red ginseng extract, it is important to make one capsule with several g of red ginseng
What is even more important is how much saponin is contained in 1 g of Purified Red Ginseng.

During chemotherapy, she is taking various medicines and she…

Since sheep (Western doctors) also know how to treat terminal cancer with saponin, the viewpoint is different according to sheep.

Park Chihwon, the director of Life Sharing Clinic, is treating terminal cancer with saponin.

People who have lots of fever and do not fit the constitutio…

There are people who take ginseng products and suddenly become feverish, so that ginseng does not fit in your body.

People with hypertension or diabetes, especially those who do not fit the body more ginseng.

Everybody's body is not the same.
It is a sign that the body improves after taking the medication.
Owing to this response, many people judge that their body does not match with ginseng.

In this case, the natural response (improvement reaction) refers to the improvement of natural healing power when ingesting Chinese medicine or health food
It is the stage in which the body is cleansed by an aggressive reaction that appears to help the human body become healthy.

It is very important to know and understand this misunderstanding of Myeong-hyeon (improvement) reaction because you may feel that illness has worsened rather.

The efficacy of ginseng helps the body balance hormones, restores fatigue,
It is possible to take it to almost everyone including strengthening immunity.

369 When you take a sample, take it slowly so that your body adapts slowly
If you balance it, you can take it without any response.

<How to take>

1. Take 1 capsule a day for the first week.

2. If you feel that you have a lot of food a day, please take a short bow.

3. Once you have become accustomed to your body, it is very good to have 2 pills per day.

4. Depending on your physical condition, please enjoy your morning & afternoon & after meals & after meals.

5. If you take a prescription drug, take it two hours.

6. It is recommended that people who are weak in one side or the other side are not cold.

If you have any questions about taking this medicine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are more saponins in the roots and harmful gums, but w…

Ginseng Head to head: causing abdominal pain & diarrhea.
Red ginseng head: It is neutralized during spraying and contains large amount of saponin

Red ginseng roots ginseng: Contains a large amount of saponin, and is tasty.
Red ginseng body: non-saponin (acid polysaccharide, ginseng protein and other large amounts), good taste.

Red ginseng (ginseng) is classified as a medicinal product during the middle of the Divorce of the Materia Medica.
It is a medicinal substance that can be eaten regardless of the constitution of a person with excellent effect and the person's constitution.
And body red ginseng has no side effects, so it is a healthy food for both sexes.
It is used for edible and medicinal purposes because it is good for health promotion such as strengthening of immunity, improvement of constitution, anticancer action.

Food means that you can eat regardless of the constitution.
The fact that our Korean ginseng is related to raising heat (heat-up) and lowering heat
In the Southeast Asian market, such as the Hong Kong market,
It is becoming a problem with the words that the fire ginseng makers made without any grounds to lower the share of the body red ginseng (ginseng).
US and Canadian traders are spreading false knowledge that firecrackers have chelating effect and gosangs have heat-up function.
As a result, the market share of Korea (Korea) ginseng in the world market, which was 30% 20 years ago, once fell to less than 3%.

Currently, doctors in Korea do not make any sense that the heat treatment of red ginseng (ginseng) is ridiculous.
One of the reasons for this is that ginseng is very important for the medicine used in cold medicine.
Cold medicine usually acts to lower the heat.
In addition, more than 17% of Chinese medicine contains ginseng, which is why people with a lot of heat
It is because the person who releases the heat and the body is cold acts to raise the heat of the body.

In other words, red ginseng does not simply contain a lot of saponin, but it plays a good role in neutralizing other characters.
The blood pressure and the saponin component that gives up the opposite properties,
Minimal adjustments and maintenance of equilibrium balance of each tissue, sustained release of waste and immunity enhancement
Enhancement of function to strengthen the disease and to strengthen the body's overall circulatory system and other endocrine system
It acts as an antagonist that normalizes the action.

So it is a misinformation to say that people with fever should not eat,

At present, misinformation imported from Hong Kong is spreading too much and becoming generalized in our country.
When you take red ginseng, you usually feel that your body becomes hot in general,
The reason is that the blood circulation of the body suddenly improves, so it is a temporary phenomenon (mingling reaction, mingling reaction).

Therefore, there is no reason to avoid ginseng or red ginseng because the body is constituted with a lot of heat,
Red ginseng products are ginseng processed, healthy foods that can be enjoyed safely for both sexes regardless of the constitution.

Red ginseng extract (red ginseng) is better than extract (po…

In order to know red ginseng products, you first need to know the manufacturing process.
The process consists of ginseng (picking) → red ginseng (chicho, curd) → extract (dipping in water) → concentrate (evaporating water).

The background of the birth of the red ginseng (concentrate or ginseng)
The birth of the new Samseongjeon was made by a Japanese company during the Japanese colonial period
At that time, it is industrializing ginseng, which is a high value added.

Consumers do not increase consumption because they have inconvenience to eat when they buy root ginseng,
Consumers started to sell easily because they were eaten. It is the same concept as the current drink.

By the way, I put water more than 20 times in my legs, so the weight and volume increased more than 20 times.
From the standpoint of manufacturers and distributors, distribution costs have increased.
We evaporated the water to make it sticky, reducing the weight to 1/10.
The person who eats can eat more water.
As a result, weight and volume are reduced, making distribution and storage easier,
In addition, it becomes enriched, and it becomes safe from corruption. When it is extract (pouch), expiration date which was one year has been extended to two years.

And, it was a new product, so I raised the price.
Manufacturing and distributors.
It is only an idea for distribution and storage without any relevance to efficacy.

If the theory is as effective as the theory, it should be free of ingredient changes in the next process after steamed and dried red ginseng root.
It tries to overcome by "decompression _ low temperature _ enrichment", but it is affected by facilities and process management.
The ingredients change in the best equipment in Korea.
A change in composition is an unintended change in efficacy.

Reality ---- a process where no red ginseng leaves (remnants left over from red ginseng) are left out
Liquorice refers to the extraction of good ingredients. This way, the leftover residue (red ginseng pudding) is left.
However, red ginseng is ground into particles smaller than flour and put in water to make red ginseng porridge, making it sticky.
We have completed the process that no red ginseng has to be discarded.

This is to eat the active ingredient without discarding, but it has become a shortcut to increase the solid content.


In 369,
369 To make the most of the efficacy, the pouch is not made of liquid.

369 What is different?

Fresh ginseng contains a large amount of saponin Rb2, Rb1, Rg1, Re, and Rc.
Conversely, saponins Rd, Rg2, Rh1, Rg3, and Rh2 are present in trace amounts, and the amount of saponin is increased by repeated application.
In the 369 evaporator, this phenomenon is divided into 900 steps,
We have been able to selectively and evenly drink saponin that our body needs.

The 369 system is externally free from contamination sources (fungi, pests, etc.)
It is hygienic and safe because it is made in Japan.
It avoids extreme environments (high temperature, high pressure) and produces without benzoprene or tar.

• 3
Generally, volatile saponins are converted to other substances by transient transitions when heat is applied during the fusing process
During the spraying, the surface of the dirt surface is broken down, cracked, cracked, etc.,
The 369 expander precisely controls all of this without loss.

During the fusing process, the tissue of the dough becomes caramelized and controls the leakage of the liquid to the outside
369 Thirty thousand technologies are made in the same manner as in red seoul
(Non-preservative, no additives).

369 The three years old Nonghyup issued a certificate of confirmation of six years old and the KFDA-sanctioned laboratory pesticide residue inspection, the three raw materials are confirmed.
For 60 capsules (2 boxes) for 1 month, we extract 369-300g of raw ginseng, which is made from raw ginseng, as raw material.

As such, we are proud of quality and price as we disclose the amount of raw materials (cost), not the ingredients.

369 What is Sam?

369 It regulates the propagation (steamed and curdled) of fresh ginseng to cause saponin transition and maximize it
It transforms saponin which is contained only in natural state into various saponin that our body needs. 

We have developed a technology that can process various types of saponin by regulating the transfer process of saponin through germination (1 ~ 9 times).
And, during 1 ~ 9 sessions, 3 triplets were 3, 6 triplets were 6, 9 were 9, and 9 were 9, totaling 369 triplets. 

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