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369 Sam Experience List
Name Age Area Case
Kang * Min 52 age Dongkyung

It was difficult to get up in the morning because I work late every day.
Especially, I was always tired of snowing and praying because I rubbed my eyes well.  


I bought 369 pieces of roots and bought them at home.

I had a feeling that I was surprised by the thought, and the morning was lighter and the physical strength was increased, so the fatigue of the eyes was greatly reduced.


I did not have much snow, so I got a lot easier. 

Okumura 72 age dongkyung

At first, there was no unexpected bitter taste and it was easy to eat.  

I feel like I have a good body and I feel that my memory is constant all the time. 

Kuboda 58 age Osaka

I passed the age of fifty, and there was a time of death, and I was at the end of my life. 

From the third month after eating 369, the erection returned without the help of medicines.


And prostate symptoms disappeared. 

Jang * Min 76 age Seoul

I have been suffering from lung cancer and pancreatic complications.  

I have been taking black ginseng for 2 years.

After 30 days, the blood glucose level went down to 150 ~ 160mg / dl. Because of diabetic complications, three left toes were always sore and sore.


But now the pain has disappeared and the color of the toe has improved.

When I go to the bathroom, I have to take a rest, but I can get up right now with the normal person.


Blood sugar levels are now well controlled and fatigue is reduced. 

Jeong * Jae, Jeong * Hee 6 age
10 age

Hello ... I bought 369 black gins in March event and ate it.
My son, 10 years old, 6 years old, I ordered two shape brochures for 100 days, I ate one by one in the evening and I ate it all ... Huck.

When I first eat it, I try to write it, and when I try to eat a small child, I eat it in small portions for about 30 minutes, gradually eating dinner and eating naturally.

Woolly children have severe genetic rhinitis since childhood and have always had a bad breath because of their breathing in the nose and breathing in their mouths when sleeping. It may have a seasonal effect, but I have not been able to go to the hospital because my immunity is improved by eating a month and two months .. (Even though I was patient ^ ^) I did not get worse even though my nose was bad.

At the end of June, a small child fell more than 40 degrees in the heat, falling in a day ... It was always a child going on for a few days when the fever began ... and those who have been watching for a long time now are both taller and taller Sounds often ...

It may be because I have not eaten cold medicine, but I think it is eating better.

I am a mother who has a lot of pain.

I would like to recommend it because it seems to fit well with black male ginseng ... but it depends on the constitution.

I wanted to be a good resource for those who are worried because of rhinitis or cold etc. ^

Jee * Hee 41 age Gumi

I have always had a sore throat and tiredness. 

369 After taking black ginseng, my shoulder stiffness and tiredness decreased. 

Gack * On 9 age Gumi I usually had snoring and sleep apnea, and when I ate black gins for about 15 days, my snoring and anaphylaxis disappeared and my immune system became cold.
Kim * Jin 45 age Gumi I suffered from allergic rhinitis in spring and at the turn of the year, but after 2 months of taking 369 black ginseng for about 2 months, rhinitis seems to disappear and it takes a cold even if I catch a cold.
So * Jeong 18 age Gumi

I am a high school 3-year-old and I am tired and sleepy every day and have cold hands and feet and are cold.  

369 After eating black gums, these symptoms disappear and my hands and feet are warm and cold. 

Lee * Min 7 age Sangju

I am a late 30s mother with a 7 year old son.  

I would like to talk about our son who got better with black ginseng.

My child has less weight than the other children and the height is so small that I go to the oriental medicine clinic and eat lots of Chinese medicine.

I went to the growth clinic and consulted, but there was nothing sharp.

I hear a lot of words saying that it is too small and dwarfed, and I am stressed more because I am taller than my brother.

It took about 60 days to introduce 369 black ginseng from a friend.


When the child did not know, the height and weight increased, the irritated child became stable, and the food was eaten well without choosing. 

Lee * Whan 53 age Seoul

I was tired at 178 keys and 50Kg of body weight, sensitive to the skinny type, but I got 369 black gums as a result of acquaintance. 

From the second month, people around me say that my face has improved.

So, I got to sleep well and it seems that I have improved my weak erection.

I eat regularly four times a year now. 

Lee * Sung 43 age Seoul

After getting down the stairs and rolling, I was suffering from CPRS (Complex Pain Syndrome). 

I took 369 black ginseng extracts three times a day with the medicine prescribed by the hospital for 5 months,

and once a day the number of times of pain was 3 times a day And plans to continue taking it for up to six months. 

Park * Sik 47 age Seoul

I was eating 369 pieces of meat while I was not motivated by the fact that I was tired because of frequent overseas trips and work stress.  

My body became lighter, my tiredness disappeared and my motivation was restored.
**** I got my cock ticked. I am now buying a bonus month. 

Lee * Jin 47 age Seoul

I was always tired because I had a lot of night shifts and dinner parties as a tax trainer. 

It seems to be special in deciphering the wine.

It is crust if the juice is one bottle of shochu. 

Kim * Yen 53 age Seoul

I do not know what else, but I got drunk and got strength. 

It is the best for a man. 

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