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369 SAM Experience

369 Sam Experience List
Name Age Area Case
Kang * Min 52 age Dongkyung

It was difficult to get up in the morning because I work late every day.
Especially, I was always tired of snowing and praying because I rubbed my eyes well.  


I bought 369 pieces of roots and bought them at home.

I had a feeling that I was surprised by the thought, and the morning was lighter and the physical strength was increased, so the fatigue of the eyes was greatly reduced.


I did not have much snow, so I got a lot easier. 

Okumura 72 age dongkyung

At first, there was no unexpected bitter taste and it was easy to eat.  

I feel like I have a good body and I feel that my memory is constant all the time. 

Kuboda 58 age Osaka

I passed the age of fifty, and there was a time of death, and I was at the end of my life. 

From the third month after eating 369, the erection returned without the help of medicines.


And prostate symptoms disappeared. 

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